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Welcome to Bibione

Your holiday in Bibione

The pleasure of reading a book, of taking a walk along the sea shore, of sailing across the waves, of watching your child playing together with the entertainment team, of meeting new friends while learning how to dance Latin American balls or during a gym lesson. 

A holiday in Bibione has always been a synonymous with relaxation amusement and welbeing; in Bibione all Your desires can be fullfi lled: its large and smooth sandy beaches, the clean and shallow sea, the incontaminated landscape, all this makes of Bibione the ideal place for Your stay.

Bibione is all this and much more. The specific characteristics of the beach and its services – cut on the tourists needs – guarantee to all the guests safety and tranquillity.

Four are the main features that make Bibione a beach unique in its kind.

Typology: 11.5 km of a golden, fine and soft sandy beach with an average width of 400 m, that offers personal space thanks also to the reasonable distance kept between the beach umbrellas.

Location: the wide beach has the specific feature of being oriented towards the Zenith, a location that assures a constant sun exposition – from the morning to the evening.

Safety: Bibione is the beach families prefer, since the sea bottom goes down gradually and is therefore especially safe for children. Furthermore, 22 lifeguards’ premises with rowing and jet boats guaranty the safeness of all bathers. The beach disposes also of a First Aid centre and a defibrillation unit with physicians for immediate assistance.

Service: the beach offers perfectly functioning equipment, in order to satisfy every tourist need. Bibione is also the first seaside resort of the Adriatic Sea that introduced the Customer Service: trained personnel ready to address and solve with competence and kindness the requests placed by the tourists.

The city:

Bibione: how many faces! A tranquil place where you can relax, take a walk in the green of the pinewood or soak in a pool at the spa centre. Bibione is a clean town that respects nature; with its clear sea and the almost 8 km long beach of finest sand it offers efficient services and the untouched heritage of its lagoon.

Bibione is also a tourist sized seaside resort, where you can shop, eat well and sleep in comfortable holidays flats and hotels. But it is a modern seaside resort as well, that keeps up to date, ideal for the young audience that can enjoy themselves at the funfair, the discos, the many clubs and the sport facilities.

It is a city that comes to life trough its great events: cultural, sport and folk appointments that begin in April with the asparagus festival and go on until September with the traditional Septemberfest, the grape and wine festival.

Finally a holiday in Bibione offers you the chance to undertake interesting tours leading trough vineyards; to spend a day at the zoo Punta Verde or to visit the near art cities that can be easily reached. Located between Venice and Trieste, Bibione disposes of an efficient transportation network: you can take the bus (both city and long distance lines), the train from the nearby railway stations of Portogruaro and Latisana. Furthermore from here it is easy to access the efficient motorway system or reach the close airports of Venice Marco Polo and Ronchi dei Legionari.


Bibione is a seaside resort surrounded by nature. It is a place where you can relax on a peaceful walk or on a bike trip to discover the many faces nature can show us.
The fauna, the flora, the colours, the smells and the sounds will be registered in your mind and always remind you of a special vacation, passed in a truly uncontaminated environment.

In the area near the river mouth, as well as in the Val Grande and in the Vallesina you can find a unique nature resource: the pinewood – a wild and thick vegetation with an antique atmosphere that the man did not change over the years.
The dominating colour is the dark green of the Austrian pine, a typical tree of the Alps that can be find in this region thanks to the waters of the river Tagliamento and to the chromatic softness of the flora.

In the absolute stillness you can here the sounds of nature: the rustling of the wind trough the trees, the flapping of the wings of herring gulls and the chirrup of the sparrows. 

Many are the species of birds and other animals that live undisturbed in the thicket. We also suggest an itinerary to discover the casoni, old fisher houses that testify of the close relation that once bound man and nature; tangible traces of activities along the river like hunting and fishing.
Furthermore we point out the precious lighthouse of Bibione, built in the beginning of the XX. Century at the mouth of the river Tagliamento and surrounded by the nature resource of the pinewood.

Bibione means sun, beach and sea but also nature; and it is not by chance that is was the first tourist resort in Europe to receive the environmental certification EMAS. It is truly a remarkable goal and a proof of the constant improvement of the environmental quality that the seaside resort has achieved over the last few years

Sport, Entertainment:

If You like practicing a sport you can fi nd sport facilities like a municipal tennis court, a nearby golf court, games and sport activities on the beach. If You want to discover the pleasaure of enjoyng the land scape, You’ll fi nd cycle traks surrounded by green pastures, fantastic horseback rides through the pinewood forest where you can reach the carming lighthouse.

If You wish to spend Your holiday on the beach, You can choose from among a number of watersports: surf, sailing, water skiing, paragliding. For dinner you choose among the characteristic restaurants where the venetian cuisine entices its visitors with the great taste of the old fish recipes, or the numerous pizzeria. In the evening, you can walk along the mall visiting shops and the restaurants.


Natural food and prestigious wines: those who choose Bibione as the destination for their holidays will discover the quality and great variety of the local products offered by the hinterland and sea.

The freshness and delicacy will persuade you: vegetables of delicate taste like the asparagus, fresh fish and wine of the finest quality will be the protagonists of your lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants of the seaside resort.

And to buy the products after tasting them will be like bringing home with you a reminder of the summer by capturing its flavour!

Bibione by night:

The busy nights in Bibione begin with the Happy Hour.

In the clubs and bars at the desk and on the table you will find olives, chips, sandwiches, tramezzini and tapas of all kinds. Beside the traditional spritz, prepared with white wine and mineral water, you can chose among many cocktails with fruits and the typical colours of summer.

And all this served together with great music, in many clubs even played live.

An if you like live music, than do not miss the chance to enjoy the several concerts in the main squares of the centre. Music of the 70s and 80s, Latin American rhythms, salsa and meringue, will take you and bring to live a wonderful open air party.

After dinner meet in the trendiest clubs and keep on celebrating the night out with the music of one of the four disco clubs that offer diverse music genres.

One suggestion: if you are a romantic soul, treat yourself with a walk along the beach at moonlight: Bibione’s beach is a wonderful place to enjoy at day but at night as well.


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