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X River: New cycle networks bring the Northern Adriatic closer together

It takes just a few minutes to go from one resort to the other and proceed along the cycle paths. The king of Alpine rivers presents a unique array of colours and encourages visitors to explore inland areas.

X River is the name of a boat that links Bibione and Lignano, quickly taking tourists across the water among the dazzling hues of the Tagliamento River.

It will only take a few minutes to reach the banks of one of the two famous beach resorts. Up to ten people and their bicycles can travel for free across one of the least anthropized Alpine rivers in Europe, meaning that they can now ride up and down 17 km of coastline and discover a network of cycle routes spanning a total of 240 km.

The golden sands of Bibione and Lignano beaches are now united by a boat link on a river that is part of a respected and championed natural environment, despite the fact that it is between two of the stretches of coast with the highest numbers of Italian and international tourists.
Nothing could be easier than crossing on X River: for those leaving from the Bibione side, it departs approximately 1,200 m from the picturesque lighthouse and quickly reaches the Marina Uno wharf in Lignano.
It only takes a few minutes but it opens up the possibility of exploring an extremely long expanse of the coast on foot or bicycle, following safe routes that offer unique experiences between the blue sea and the green vegetation.
The service is extremely popular, so the waiting times can sometimes be quite long but the stunning, peaceful surroundings help to make up for it.


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