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Welcome to Bibione

Bibione Thermae

The spa centre of Bibione – located between the beach and the pinewood – is recognized by the Ministry of Health and operates within the National Health Service.

The bicarbonate-alkaline, sodium and fluorine – rich mineral water rises at a depth of 400m with a temperature of 52°C and is especially recommended for mud–baths and balneotherapy, inhalation treatments and the rehabilitation of the vascular system. The spa centre offers also the chance to develop personalized beauty and prevention treatments: in this way the “traditional holyday at the seaside” can be combined with wellness and health care.

With all the additional services, the spa centre of Bibione is an important point of reference in the Northern East area over the whole year, thanks also to the hotels and service network built in its proximity. Year after year the establishment has renewed its services by opening new treatments units and providing the outpatient clinics with sophisticated, diagnostic equipment under the supervision of physicians that work hand in hand with trained personnel. This constants innovation made it possible to create a synergy with the hospital infrastructures and to turn the spa centre into an import establishment in the field of prevention and rehabilitation.

On 13 april 2012, the latest addition to bibione’s spa facilities was officially opened, a new wellbeing area, unique in so many ways, where the spa waters are used as the basis for treatments and products, all completely natural.

The SPA has a thermal background, sea front, and with chill out areas with a view overlooking the extensive beach and pine forest, lovely to visit even in winter.

Everything is focussed on the individual’s needs: every client is unique and everything is customised: lighting, music, perfumes and microclimates, this is what the Bibione Thermae SPA treatments and product lines represent. The products have been created with the active principles researched, designed and tested for a spa environment.

Guests at the Bibione Thermae SPA receive a warm welcome and their progress carefully followed in the comfortable environment with extensive amenities, where they can refresh both body and soul even if there for just one day.


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